living prayers - contemporary prayers for today

contemporary prayers for today

sorry God - a prayer of forgiveness

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Gathered together on this page are three prayers to help with saying sorry to God. The first prayer (“Sorry God, please forgive me”) is a prayer of contrition which asks for God’s forgiveness and strength to live life differently. The second prayer (“Prayer of Adoration and Confession”) is a heart-cry that in all things the believer would look to God for his love, truth and hope. Finally, there is a petition for God’s peace to come and bring stillness and wisdom in life.

Sorry God, please forgive me

Dear God,

Please forgive me, I am so sorry Lord. I would love to turn back time to change my mistakes. Please help me to be forgiving of myself, and to move on from this place. I feel overwhelmed by regret, please wash away this emotion with your grace. I know you love me, and understand my heart. Please fill me with your strength and courage as I resolve to live for You.

Thank you that I can now walk forwards into a new future, hand in hand with the maker of heaven and earth.


"Please fill me with your strength and courage as I resolve to live for You"

Prayer of adoration and confession

Dear God,

I am sorry when I get so carried away with the busyness of each day,
never stopping to dwell in your love.
I am sorry when I allow the stresses and demands of work or family to erode and wear away my hope.
I am sorry when I'm caught up in conflict and frustration,
when I harbour resentment, instead of giving out forgiveness.
I'm sorry when I seek to be fulfilled by food, drink or entertainment,
Yet fail to feast on your truth.
I'm sorry when I desire the wrong things, blinded by the media, and forget to engage with the real treasures of love and justice.
You are all love, all hope, all forgiveness, all truth and all I really need.


real love

A beautiful meditation on the nature of Christian love:-

Prayer for inner peace and strength

O Father,

Your life in me brings stillness to my turmoil.
Your life in me brings clarity to my confusion.
Your life in me brings wisdom to my worry.
Your life in me brings contentment to my striving.
You life in me brings gentleness to my anger.
Your life in me brings patience to my panic.
Your life in me brings hope to my suffering.
Your life in me brings faith to my frustration.
Your life in me brings such heavenly treasure into my heart
And enables me to navigate a peaceful path.
In you I find strength for my journey.