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contemporary prayers for today

afternoon prayer

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It is a wonderful thing to pause for a moment at midday and remember that God is with you. The first afternoon prayer on this page reflects on God’s goodness during the morning and asks for a deeper awareness of His presence through the rest of the day. Further down there is also a short prayer for the afternoon and two inspiring bible verses for meditation and reflection!

Afternoon prayer of thanks to God

Lord God,

We thank you for your goodness to us this morning, for the birdsong that lifted our hearts, for the nourishment and comfort of food and drink, and for the time spent with family and friends in fellowship.

Lead us to be more aware of your presence this afternoon and evening. May you dwell within all that we share and do.


noon prayer

a beautiful prayer suitable for reflecting on the morning and committing the rest of your day in service to the living Lord:

Short Afternoon Prayer


My dependency is in you. This afternoon please come and be centre stage in my life. I offer you everything I am about to do and ask that you would receive it as an act of loving service to you.


afternoon prayer

an inspiring video appropriate for watching at midday as your afternoon begins:-

"May you dwell within all that we share and do"

bible verses for the afternoon

bible quote on thanks to God with yellow flowers in background

"Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed."

(Proverbs 16:3, NLT)