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all night prayer vigil

image of church at night for all night prayer

Prayers and ideas on this page

On this page are four creative ideas for all night prayer meetings, an inspiring night time prayer example, and an uplifting prayer suitable for opening an all night prayer vigil. If you are planning a service with an extended time of waiting on God to hear His voice, you may also find the "listening prayer" and the bible quotes on night prayer useful for meditation.

Why pray all night long?

Here are some strong biblical precedents for it:-
We read in the gospels that Jesus withdrew to the mountains so that he could pray all night (Luke 6 :12). If we are followers of Christ, we will want follow in his patterns of prayer.
When Peter was imprisioned by King Herod to await trail, the church began praying for him in earnest and continued through the night (Acts 12:5 and 12). Peter was miraculously freed from jail and led out by an angel. If we desire to see the miracles and signs of God's Kingdom at work like the early church witnessed, we will need to recapture a desire for long periods in prayer and worship.

The psalmist declares that
"I lie awake thinking of you, meditating on you through the night." (Psalm 63:6, NLT)

night prayer

a short meditation on God's presence through the night hours. With uplifting instrumental music and views of the sun setting over the Sea of Galilee:-

Some Creative Ideas For The Format of An All-Night Prayer Vigil

prayer stations

Consider dividing the room that you are praying in into different sections, and having boards that people can gather round with various prayer points on. These stations could have their own theme e.g. prayer for the church, prayer points for missionaries associated with the church etc.

prayer wall

Create a place where people can write their own prayer requests to God on. This way everyone can share in each others prayers - even those that might struggle with praying outloud.


You may wish to combine your night of prayer with fasting food. If so, why not break fast with a breakfast?!

24/7 prayer room

24/7 prayer is a world wide movement for prayer and justice. It encourages churches to prayer non-stop for a whole week, and to dedicate a room for this purpose. People can book themselves in for timeslots through the day and night to come and pray for an hour or more. 24/7 have produced this useful page about creative ideas for prayer rooms.

Opening prayer for an all-night prayer meeting


Guide our prayers this night time that we might find you in a deeper way as we push through the darkness, tiredness and our own body clocks. May we find that time slips away as we enter your throne room.

Please take us on a journey to pray for our friends, families, communities and the wider world. We choose to trust in you, to shake free of the things that hold us back, and to pursue to you. Your love, your hope, your peace and the promise of eternity. Lord come and inspire us and meet with us as we pray.


Night Time Prayer

a night time prayer poem with sunset in background

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Quotes about night prayer in the bible

"One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God."

(Luke 6:12, NIV)

Afterwards, Jacob went back and spent the rest of the night alone. A man came and fought with Jacob until just before daybreak.

(Genesis 32:24, CEV)

"As the darkness draws in, you are the light in my heart"

Listening prayer

Heavenly Father,

I wait upon you.
I pause, still my mind and still my heart.
I wait upon you.
I stop, and listen beyond the everyday.
I wait upon you.
I rest, and allow my soul to have space.

I wait upon you.
Quiet, at rest, held.
I wait upon you.
And call Abba, Abba Father.
I know you have searched me, and you know me.
I know you are the beginning and the end.
I know you are the Redeemer.
I wait upon you,
Allowing your grace to penetrate my whole being.
And in this place, close, protected and eternal
I find that this grace renews my strength,
Wipes away my tears,
And promises new hope.

I wait upon you.