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prayer for anxiety and fear

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This page features a series of resources to help those who are currently struggling with anxiety and fear. There are three uplifting prayers to say, with a prayer based on the famous Psalm 139, a short prayer to calm anxiety, and a prayer for inner calm. There is also an inspiring bible verse about giving our anxious thoughts over to God in prayer, and an encouraging video for those going through difficult times. May our God keep and enfold you as you come before him now:-

Prayer for Anxiety and Fear
(based on Psalm 139:1-14, NHEB)

LORD, you have searched me, and you know me.
Each anxious thought, every wave of panic, all the overwhelming feelings and frightening symptoms.

You encircle me behind and in front, and you place your hand upon me.
From my first cries to today’s challenges, you have been with me, your love extends behind me, before me and even beyond me.

Where could I go from your Spirit? Or where could I flee from your presence?
I chose now to dwell in the sanctuary of your grace, to rest in the shadow of almighty love and to allow hope to arise with new freedom.

Your right hand will hold me.
There is no darkness in you, only light. Despair is slain by hope, sorrow held by love, suffering softened by joy.

I will give thanks to you, for I am awesomely and wonderfully made.
You created me, unique and made in your image. I lift my eyes to see your glory, I open my soul to your calling, and my heart to awaken with a love that slays my fear.


bible quote on overcoming anxiety

Quote from Phil 4:6-7 on the peace of God

Prayer to calm anxiety

Father God,

Encircle me - heart, mind, body and spirit with your love and peace.
Let is surround anxious thoughts and bring rest to my soul.
Thank you Father.


Prayer for inner peace and calm
(a prayer for calmness with nerves and anxiety)

Holy Spirit, please encircle me,
Come hold me safe and secure.
Wrap my mind up with your truth
Guide my thoughts and calm my fears.
Steady my emotions,
Lord that you would guide my feelings,
May I not be overcome by upset.
Sustain my soul,
With vision for the future,
And hope for tomorrow.

I need you.


prayer for hope strength

an inspiring prayer asking for God's strengthening when things are difficult:-

"You encircle me behind and in front"

bible verses about anxiety and receiving peace

"Don’t be afraid. I am with you.
Don’t tremble with fear.
I am your God.
I will make you strong,
as I protect you with my arm
and give you victories."

(Isaiah 41:10, CEV)

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

(1 Peter 5:7, NIV)

"You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!"

(Isaiah 26:3, NLT)