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prayers for my boyfriend

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On this page are two prayers you can say for your boyfriend. The first one is a prayer of thanks and protection, asking for God's guidance on your relationship. This is followed by a good night prayer to say for your boyfriend at bedtime. The third prayer is a very short prayer which you might like to write down and keep on you as a reminder to pray for him - especially if he is currently away on work or in the navy or army.

Lower down, there's also a prayer about asking God to help you find a partner. Also further down on this page is a video about God's love, and quotes from the bible about romantic love that you may find useful for cards or messages to give to your true love!

real love

a short film reflecting on the remarkable nature of God's love:-

"Come protect his kind heart"

Boyfriend prayer

Dear Father,

Thank you.
Thank you for my boyfriend,
Thank you for all that you have made him to be.
For his kindness to me.
For his thoughtfulness
For his great conversation.
For his deep faith
For his journey.

Thank you for my boyfriend,
Thank you for watching over his life.
Come protect his kind heart.
Help me to love and care for him
Inspire our time together
Weave stronger faith into our lives
Lead us as we journey onwards.

Thank you for my boyfriend,
Thank you for giving us each other.


Night Prayer for My Boyfriend

Lord, please watch over my loved one as he sleeps now. Thank you that you care for him, and that you hold him close to your heart.
I give you all his anxieties and the things that trouble him. May he know your peace that passes all understanding. Please bless him now with sound sleep for his mind and deep rest for his body.

I ask all this in the beautiful name of Jesus.


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Short prayer for my boyfriend


It is so special to have met a man with whom I can share my life.
Protect him, build him, inspire him
Guide him and keep him,


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Prayer to find love

(a prayer to find a boyfriend or girlfriend and marry)


You have searched me, and you know me. You hear my thoughts, you know my needs and breathe your life into my dreams.

So I know that you understand my longing to find love. I know that you will lead me to meet someone special to walk with. I know you want to give me the desires of my heart. You are a loving Father, I can share my every hope, every feeling and every dream with you.
I pray that I would meet someone soon who I can love, someone who I can have a close relationship with, marry, and share my life with.

Thank you Father,


prayer quotes from the bible

"Your lips cover me with kisses; your love is better than wine."

(Song of Solomon 1:2, GNT)

The Chorus
So where has this love of yours gone, fair one? Where on earth can he be? Can we help you look for him?
The Woman
Never mind. My lover is already on his way to his garden, to browse among the flowers, touching the colors and forms. I am my lover's and my lover is mine. He caresses the sweet-smelling flowers.

(Song of Solomon 6:1-3, MSG)

"The Lord God said, "It isn't good for the man to live alone. I need to make a suitable partner for him.""

(Genesis 2:18, CEV)


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