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contemporary prayers for today

saturday prayers

several pretty daisies in a field

This page features four prayers for Saturdays. The first prayer is suitable for using at Easter time on Holy Saturday. It considers how we can discover God's hope in a dark or uncertain place. The second one is a short prayer to say at the beginning of your day, and next one is an inspiring morning prayer image to meditate on. Finally, there is a night prayer for reflecting on the blessings of the day just gone.

Holy Saturday morning prayer

O Lord,
On this day, the world was waiting, like a long winter hoping for spring, like a dry land awaiting rain. Still, quiet, in between a world hesitating, silent hope in a dark place. Lord, we give to you the times we have in own lives, where all we can do is wait, when all we hold is hope. We give you those times when all we have is faith in new life, new beginnings and heavens call.
Be with all those who today wait in that cold, uncertain place. Hold them, keep them safe in your arms, resting in your promise of new life.


Short Saturday morning prayer

Saturday is like a blank page, fresh and new, a pause away from routines and responsibilities. Thank you for rest, for recreation, family and friends.
Lord, thank you for Saturdays.


Morning Prayer

a short meditation suitable for watching on waking, with beautiful photography of a morning sunrise:-

"I count the blessings today,
The treasure of Saturday freedom."

An Early Morning Prayer with Sunrise in the picture

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Saturday night prayer

O Lord,

I count the blessings today,
The treasure of Saturday freedom.
To awake and fall asleep again,
To move through a day with ease.
The time to notice natures way,
The quiet of gentle things,
Feasting on a harvest day
Of food and joy and friends.
Tucked up safe with family
Making home and garden.
Enjoying little hobbies and sports
Music, drama, art.
I know you love our Saturdays
Just as much as I.
Oh let these blessed moments
Fill my dreams tonight.


quotes from the bible about the morning

My heart, O God, is steadfast,
my heart is steadfast;
I will sing and make music.
Awake, my soul!
Awake, harp and lyre!
I will awaken the dawn

(Psalm 57:7-8, NIV)

"Each morning you listen to my prayer,
as I bring my requests to you
and wait for your reply"

(Psalm 5:3, CEV)