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dancers prayer

a dancers prayer

Whatever aspect of dance you are involved in - whether this be traditional ballet, modern ballroom or contemporary dance, it is a wonderful thing to give this to God in prayer. Here we can ask that he takes our bodies and blesses others as we communicate, story tell, minister and convey emotions through movement.

This page features two prayers for dancers. The first prayer is suitable for saying before practice or a dance performance. The second prayer is more appropriate for a dance competition.

Dancers Prayer

Lord God,

With every movement I make
I long to be close to you.
May I leap with your joy,
May I stretch with your passion,
May I balance with your strength.
I give you my dance, as a prayer,
As praise,
And as a testimony.

May my dancing tell of you love
And always point the way to you.


athlete's prayer before an event

Dear Father,

May I compete with your love shining in my heart. May I push myself to be the best. I believe I can with your wisdom in my mind. May I have the strength, endurance and skills I need to be the athlete I know I can be. I worship you, I surrender to you.

Lord, all that I do today is for you and your glory.


Dance as Prayer

The following film is a contemporary christian dance interpretation of a prayer about the modern Church, prayed by Roger Ellis (UK christian speaker and writer). Featuring AlcanzArte Danza (Chile) & Prayerscapes:-

prayer quotes from the bible

"David, wearing only a linen cloth around his waist, danced with all his might to honor the Lord."

(2 Samuel 6:14, GNT)

Young women and young men, together with the elderly, will celebrate and dance, because I will comfort them and turn their sorrow into happiness.

(Jeremiah 31:13, CEV)

"Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp."

(Psalm 149:3, NIV)