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contemporary prayers for today

prayer for youth

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Featured below are three short prayers for young people. The first one is suitable for teenagers to pray as a dedication of their lives to God. It is a prayer from the heart for the living Lord to come and take their creativity and talents and use them as bringers of hope and life to the world.

The second prayer is suitable for a youth leader, friend or teacher to say over their youth group or Sunday school class. It is a prayer for God's wisdom, truth and hope to come into the lives of these young adults. Finally, there is a prayer for students away at college or university. This may be said as a daily morning prayer for protection, guidance and well-being.

Prayer for young people

(a prayer suitable for young people to say in a church service or at school.)

Our Father,

You are so wonderful and we worship you.
You are the source of a river of love and grace that transforms the world.
We offer you our young hearts, minds and bodies.
Help us to grow in the goodness of your kingdom.
May we shine out in times of darkness,
Stand safely upon the truth and not be shaken,
And see your vision for the world and follow you.

Come use our energy to care for the lost.
Come take our creativity to meet with the brokenhearted,
Come use our youthfulness to bring joy and peace,
And your hope to bring light to everyone.


prayer for teenagers

An uplifting prayer for young people to pray, suitable for use in a classroom or with your youth group:-

"We offer you our young hearts, minds and bodies"

Prayer for the youth of today

(a prayer suitable for a youth pastor or teacher to say for their youth group or class.)

We pray for this new generation, the young men and women of today.
Shine your truth into their hearts. May they hear you in music, see you in art and experience you through the love and care of family, friends and teachers.
Build your hope into their lives. May they sense this hope rise in their hearts as they encounter the power of nature, the majesty of the oceans and the beauty in creation.

Come sow your wisdom into their minds. May they discover wisdom as they read their bibles, discuss deeper issues of life or encounter hardships or difficulties.
Come weave your love into their dreams. May they find vision in their interests, opportunities for their talents and aspirations for their abilities.
May this new generation of your men and women know you.


prayer for a student

A prayer for a student to pray whilst studying at college or university. The prayer reminds us that God can be many things to us - our protector, comforter, counsellor, teacher and friend:-

Father, as I study away from home - I am not alone

You are my friend - help me to meet new people
You are my encourager - come build my confidence and vision
You are my teacher - help me to learn and gain wisdom
You are my comforter - hold me when I'm lonely or afraid
You are my counsellor - I share my excitement and worries with you
You are my protector - I lay my life into your safe hands

Thank you for your presence with me now