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contemporary prayers for today

prayer for lost things

Sometimes, losing something can be a distressing experience - especially if that item is irreplacable like a valuable wedding ring, an old photo of a loved one, or even a children's teddy bear! Featured below are two short prayers asking God for help in recovering what has been lost. Also on this page is a film asking God for his peace, guidance and direction.

Prayer for lost things


You are with us always, always walking beside us, offering us love, truth and hope each day.
I ask that you would reveal the precious thing I have lost. You understand the importance of this item to me. I believe you will lead me to find it. Please restore this to me.

Loving Lord, thank you for your constant comfort and care.


prayer for guidance

a contemporary prayer asking God to calm our hearts and minds and find direction from Him. With restful music and shots of beautiful forest scenes:-

Short prayer for lost items

Lord, please help me to find what I have lost. Shine the light of your hope into my heart. We search together. You are such a friend to me.